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Open July 9
          8:00 am - 8:00 pm
Wintergreen Tree Farm - Blueberries - One of the nearest "pick-your-own" blueberry farms to Cleveland, Akron, or Youngstown, Ohio. Bring the whole family and get pick'n!

We have several acres of blueberry bushes and we supply the buckets for you to collect the best. The price for pick your own berries is only $2.80 per lb. Please call ahead to order picked berries.

Due to popular demand, cold refreshing drinks will be available for purchase.

Come on by and allow the Wintergreen Tree Farm to become a part of your family's summer.

Open around July 9 - call for details.
Wintergreen Tree Farm
Allyn Rd. Hiram, OH 44234 - (330) 221-3835